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Number: 30-40 pcs
Box dimensions: 80x60x30cm

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Introducing our newest product, which we dare to say will become a bestseller in 2023! Do you like our range of Elektro Mystery boxes? Or do you prefer our Mix Mystery boxes with non-electronic goods? We have good news for you! We are introducing a new VIP Mystery box. What's so special about it? It combines the best of both worlds - electrical products, branded clothing, household accessories, toys, auto-moto accessories, children's goods and much more. Most of the goods in the box are new - up to 70% are in original, replacement or damaged packaging. Some products may have minor cosmetic defects, but these do not affect their functionality. Each box contains 30 items, and we guarantee that its value will always exceed the purchase price.

So don't hesitate and try our new product!

If you love the thrill of the unknown and enjoy discovering new products, the VIP Mystery box is just for you. Each box is unique and offers a wide range of products. For these reasons, the vast majority of customers like to return to us.

These are mostly goods not delivered to customers in original, damaged or replacement (new) packaging. A small part may consist of short-term used goods, which may be non-functional, damaged or incomplete.

Boxes may contain the following items:
1. Tools - high-pressure cleaners, drills, grinders, pumps, etc.
2. Electronics - blenders, shavers, headphones, keyboards, smart switches, etc.
3. Household - lights, dishes, textiles (blankets, sheets, curtains, etc.), boxes, boxes, bathroom and kitchen faucets, etc.
4. Textiles - clothes, shoes, handbags, backpacks, belts, wallets, etc.
5. Children's goods - goods for infants, toys
6. Sport - sports equipment and accessories

Quantity: 30-40 products. In the product photo gallery, you will find a few examples of the composition of the boxes for an idea.

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