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Product detailed description

These are mostly unclaimed, bulk goods from foreign business chains such as (Ebay, Wish, Aliexpress,...) - not checked!

The boxes contain better and better quality goods from new suppliers and the best for you - the boxes can also contain completely NEW or WRAPPED goods.

Do you love the adventure of the unknown, seasoned with profit?
Then Mystery box is the product just for you.
It is a box stuffed with goods whose market value far exceeds the purchase price.
Each Mystery box is unique and really has something for everyone.
For these reasons, the vast majority of customers come back to us with satisfaction.

Package contents:
Mix of audio and PC electronics (Keyboards, headphones, headsets, video cameras, microphones, speakers, smart watches, wireless headphones, USB cables, wireless chargers, phones, extensions, flash drives...)
small appliances (Air fresheners, dehumidifiers, kitchen scales, personal scales, alarm clocks, kettles, blenders, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, curling irons, shavers, small lighting, table lamps...)
sports and fitness equipment (Massage gun, massage belts, push-up supports...)
toys (Drones, remote control cars, Gameboys, Xbox controllers, Dualshock...)
body care, etc. (Curler, shavers, hair dryer...)

Quantity 15 products.

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